Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Stars Welcome The Humboldt Broncos Tonight!

The time is 2:06.. I've been done work since 12:30 or so.. and All I can think about is tonight's hockey game at the Civic Center.

The Battlefords Northstars are taking on the NATIONAL CHAMPIONS from Humboldt.

The Broncos are 8-0, and by far the class of the SJHL..

The Stars are 2-4, and are going to be in a dog-fight all season long just to safely make the playoffs... Yet this game will be intriguing for several reasons...

1) The Stars are a much better team than the Humboldt squad probably thinks...

2) Two new Stars will make their debut tonight.

3) Nick Kalnicki returns to the Battlefords wearing a Humboldt uniform.

Let me expand on my three points:

1) The Humboldt Broncos are 8-0.. and with that record comes a swagger. The players and coach can b.s. all they like about, "this being just another game, and we know that if we're not careful..." bla bla bla... But the fact is; If Humboldt does not win tonight.. It will be considered a HUGE upset... Is that a fair assumption??? Yes. But sooner or later their going to lose.. If I'm the Northstars right now.. I'm thinking outloud:


What an opportunity for the Stars to make an early season statement in front of their fans. If the Stars can beat Humboldt tonight.. the entire town would be back on the Stars band-wagon.. and teams would then take the Stars seriously.. It pisses me off to no-end that the Stars are still the laughing stock of this league.. even though they've led in each game they've played so far...

2) Two new Stars are making their debuts tonight... Forward CHris Jung (pronounced just as it's spelt...) and defenceman Martin Cole. Jung comes from Bonnyville in exchange for Ricky Cey... and Cole comes from Drayton Valley in exchange for Forward Josh Garneau.. (Don't even get me started on that guy...) These two are going to be especially fired up.. and both will be expected to make a big impact!

3) Nick Kalnicki faces the Battlefords Northstars tonight for the first time since he was traded away to Humboldt... Now last season we saw Nick Kalnicki as a Melfort Mustang.. But all of us thought, "Whatever... He'll be back.. No big deal.. He'll be a Star again in no time.."

But of course that was not the case.. and Kalnicki decided that he didn't want to be a Northstar this season.. Now.. I'm not Nick Kalnicki, and I don't know his logic.. But the fact that he snubbed the Stars and shot-down several trade ideas before accepting a move to Humboldt is ludacris.. Nick Kalnicki is good,,, but he's not THAT GOOD. I would love to see the crowd's reaction tonight if Woody Klaussen or Martin Cole, or better yet.. Josh Clare hammered NIck Kalnicki with a clean body check.

So to summarize.. I can guarantee tonight's game will be entertaining.. Will the Stars win??? Maybe not.. but you can bet that if the Stars do beat the Humboldt Broncos tonight.. It won't be a fluke.. It won't be because of reffing.. It will be due to hard-work.. strong goaltending... and discipline..

Before I sign off.. I'll leave you with some random thoughts of mine:

- The New Nickelback song SUCKS!!!
- Sarah Palin is NOT that hot...
- The Riders are still the luckiest 9-5 team in the history of sports.. Yet I still bleed Green and love this team.

More to come later..