Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sports Fix Recap.

Good morning,

I hope your week is off to a great start, and here's hoping by the end of this week that golf courses across this great province of ours will be open and good to go. I know for a fact that the North Battleford Golf and Country Club is opening it's doors tomorrow (Wednesday) and the Jackfish Lodge Golf Course hopes to be open by the weekend.

I want to start by recapping last night's edition of the Co-Op Leisure Time Sports Fix where I spoke with La Ronge Ice Wolves' goaltender Adam Bartko.

Bartko (as many know) is originally from the Battlefords, and started his junior career with the North Stars in 2008-2009. When the 08-09 season came to an end, Bartko was a member of the Notre Dame Hounds and was expected to challenge for a starting job with Notre Dame in 2009-2010. Things changed with Todd Mathews turned up in Notre Dame and all of a sudden Bartko was the odd-man out. He headed home, and hoped for a phone call.

He could have sulked, and he could have given up. Instead, Bartko got that phone call a few days later from Ice Wolves' coach and G.M. Bob Beatty. Fast forward two years later, and he's got two championships under his belt, and likely some solid scholarship options to come later this summer.

I thought Adam spoke very professionally, and didn't appear to hold any grudges. I respect that. Bartko and the Ice Wolves will face the Portage Terriers tonight in Game Three of the Anavet Cup. Puck drops at 7:30 from the Mel.


My second guest on the Sports Fix was Midget AAA Stars Governor Bruce Yockey. Together we recapped the Midget AAA Spring-Camp which took place this past weekend, and also we talked about High School football at great length.

Yockey will be the head-coach of the JP 2 Crusaders Nine-Man Football squad that has just joined the Northwest Nine-Man Conference for 2011. I love the fact that JP 2 has entered the fray, and has provided football fans with another local high-school team to go out and support. Yockey expects that his team will take some lumps through the first year or two, but there is no doubt in my mind that with some patience, and appropriate enrollment that JP 2 can field a competitive squad.

I always appreciate Yockey's visits to the show. He's welcome anytime.


I enjoy the NHL playoffs as much or more than most people, but it's been really difficult to fully embrace them this year due to all of the dirty hits, and suspension talk that seems unavoidable.

Julie asked me last night whether hockey has "always been this way?" or whether it's only a big-deal because "everybody seems to be talking about it now." I do know that five years ago there was very little conversation regarding 'head-shots' and suspensions were by no means theconstant source of conversation.

What I wouldn't give to hear a TSN or CBC panel discussing the players, the saves and the goals rather than dirty hits and Colin Campbell. Perhaps tonight?

Feel free to weigh in if you feel so compelled.


So far, so good as far as the 10 k training goes. I'm up to 40 minutes without stopping, and I'm feeling good about my speed and my conditioning to this point. Tomorrow I'm shooting for 43 minutes. We'll see how it goes.

Have a great Tuesday!


C J N said...

Yes Julie, hockey was always this way. Only now, people seem to care much much more about hard hits and hard plays. Many of the suspensions that get called these days would have just been considered "keep your head up plays" in years past.

Personally, I think the NHL is a disgrace these days.

It's understandable to want to try and clamp down a little bit, but everyone seems to be blowing everything out of proportion at every single chance they get.

The media constantly talking about these "terrible hits" only makes things worse.

I feel like they are taking the physicality out of hockey and it's tough to sit back and watch it happen.

Dan O'Connor said...

Well said.

No argument here.

Anonymous said...

Dan, are your mighty Canucks falling fast?? Been beaten by 5 goals in there last 2 games... Once the Sedins are in check the Canucks can be beaten... One line wont ever win a championship, let alone in the NHL..