Monday, July 25, 2011

Pearson Resigns as Coach and G.M. *Updated*

The Battlefords North Stars are looking for a new head-coach and General Manager.

Stew Demmans with the North Star's Board of Directors announced this morning that Ken Pearson has resigned from the team due to family reasons.

"Throughout the three seasons there have been times where it's been tough to be away from them (two kids)," Pearson told me earlier this morning. "This decision to step down is purely based on me looking to get closer to my kids."

Pearson added, "Hopefully my replacement continues to build on the things we (the coaches, staff and scouts) have built there."

Pearson served as coach and General Manager for the Battlefords North Stars for three seasons. In 2009-2010 he led the Stars to a birth in the Bauer Conference Final with La Ronge, and was also nominated for Coach of the Year in 2010.  Pearson is largely responsible for rebuilding the Stars into a contender, and has worked extremely hard to help graduating North Star's find a place to play once their Junior A. careers conclude.

The Board of Directors are already accepting resumes and applications for the vacant position. All interested applicants can send their package to Stew Demmans. His e-mail is

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Ken Pearson will be my guest tonight on the Co-Op Leisure Time Sports Fix. The show runs tonight on CJNB-CJNS at 8:00.


mongo said...

my pick for coach is all the loud mouths in the stands and on dans blog who say they can do a better job then ken so heres there chance put up or shut up.

Anonymous said...

Ken did a hell of a job and he is going to be missed... Thanks Ken for everything.