Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fortier Does The Trick in 6-3 Stars Win.

Sam Fortier has always been billed as a pass-first player who never shoots enough. Memo to Sam - Shoot more! Sam Fortier scored three goals while Blake Tatchell had a goal and three assists, and the North Stars earned a 6-3 win over the Nipawin Hawks.

The Stars opened the scoring at 1:31 of the first when Kyle Hall fired a wrister by Brody Hoffman. For Hall, it was his 15th goal of the year.

Nipawin responded with a rebound goal from Dan Szerlip and it was 1-1 after one.

Jonothan Ceci scored back-to-back goals for Nipawin early in the second, and the Hawks seemingly had control.

But back came the Stars. Samuel Fortier's first of the game came on a two-on-one feed from Blake Tatchell. Woody Klassen tied the score with a blast from the left-point, and Blake Tatchell buried off a Nipawin turnover and just like that, the Stars took a 4-3 lead into the locker-room after 40 minutes.

Early in the third, the Hawks had their chances, but Kyle Birch made some fine saves and the Stars then responded for their goaltender. Sam Fortier's second was a thing of beauty. Fortier blasted a slap-shot from just inside the Nipawin blueline and the puck squeezed underneath the bar for his second of the night.

A few shifts later, Fortier potted his third of the night off a faceoff victory by Tatchell.

One final Stars highlight came late in the third period when Kyle Birch denied Mathew Spafford on a breakaway.

The Stars outshot Nipawin 38-30 and snapped the Hawk's five-game winning streak.
The Stars are now eight points up on Nipawin, but the Hawks have six in hand.

The Stars victory, coupled with Flin Flon's loss to Kindersley has temporarily tied the two teams for points.


You can expect a 2010 review piece to come within the next few days. It'll be worth the wait, I assure you.

For now, Happy Holidays! Best of the season to you all.


Anonymous said...

Loved the game last night. The stars are starting to improve. I really like the Fortier, Tatchell Schwab line. BTW whats the status of Schwab? Galbraith and Hannas are very good at what they do. Galbraith seems to have alright hands and is gritty. I also heard that Muench has been a healthy scratch 5 games in a row for the Pats, could the stars be seeing him in the next while?

Saskgolf said...

Missed the game last night, but way to go boys, I hope Muench doesnt come back his attitude is the last thing this team needs right now. If it does look like he is coming trade to his rights to ND and get Trevor Cameron.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Saskgolf. Keep Muench away from this team. These boys don't need the headache in their dressing room.

Dan O'Connor said...

Just playing Devil's Advocate here, because I feel like the odds of Muench returning are SLIM, but if you can add a talented 18-year-old like Dane, why wouldn't you?!?

I think you need to give Dane the benefit of the doubt here. If a healthy, inspired, 18-year-old forward like Dane Muench were to join the Stars, you can`t possibly argue that the team wouldn`t be BETTER. Its like making a trade on Jan 10, without parting with anybody.

The Stars are one big offensive injury away from being in a heap of trouble. Muench would not only serve as a great insurance policy for offense, but I am sure that he has gained a thing or two from his time in the WHL.

I would welcome Dane back with open arms, and I would hope the rest of North Star Nation would do the same.

Again, I think this topic is moot, given the fact that I think Dane stays in the WHL - But, I wanted to weigh in.

Anonymous said...

All I know is this... I know a board member of the Regina Pats and this person told me this..... With the recent trade that the Pats made this person told me he thinks the pats want to develop Olstad,Nils Moser, and Martell (Who will be joining them after Christmas.), He felt Muench would be the odd man out.

Anonymous said...

Ken just traded away a good talented 18 year old hockey player whose attitude is good on and off the ice. He may have needed some development, but don't they all. And if he was given the opportunity to play on the top 2 lines as the other 18 year old rookies were given, who knows what would have happened.

Saskgolf said...

Dano i totally agree with ya, Dane has a ton of talent and has been told that since he was 10 years old. But one player is not going to make too much of a difference. His Attitude is not good and has no interest in ever coming here. So if he had too he would hinder this team more than help. The Stars are a team now and working and playing for each other. But hey Dano that is why everybody has there own ideas, and that is how i feel.

Anonymous said...

How do you know hes got no interest in coming here? If Dane did get cut down to the SJHL, I think it would make the stars into instant contenders. Dane is a player that can change the game by himself. Ive seen him play since his days with the Contacts and he is one of the most skilled players I have ever watched.. When he wants to be theres no one better. When you say hes got a bad attitude I have to disagree. We're talking about a kid that came to the Battlefords the year after the stars won 5 games all year. Most kids wanted nothing to do with a team that had only won 5 games the previous season. Dane Came to the stars and lead the team in scoring as a 16 year old. Your telling me you wouldnt want him on your team??? Give me a break.. If the stars got him it would be like getting a top 6 forward for nothing... Give your head a shake..

Anonymous said...

At this point of time what happens in the dressing room is far more important then what one person can bring on the ice, cancer spreads.

Saskgolf said...

Hey Anonymous that is my opionion and i dont need to give my head a shake as u say so maturely. How do i know he doesnt want to be here, cause he told me that personally before training camp in regina he was gonna do whatever he had to so didnt play in the battlefords. Thanks for answering my attitude question when u said "When he wants to be theres no one better" When he wants to? We dont need a When he wants to kindof of a player. Also slamming ur stick on the ice and swearing everytime u leave the ice is not a good attiutude. Sorry to start all this all i said was trade him for a comparably 92 in Cameron if u can.