Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Some Odds and Ends.

First off, I want to (again) thank the Battlefords North Stars Board of Directors for holding a volunteer appreciation night on Friday. The turnout was fantastic, and so was the food. On behalf of everyone in attendance, I want to commend the Board and North Star's staff for treating their 'help' extremely well. The Stars continue to find new ways to outclass themselves. The passion for Junior Hockey in the Battlefords remains high, and the winters definitely tend to fly by faster when you get to spend a few nights a week at the rink accompanied by passionate fans and North Star supporters.


I ran into Battlefords North Star's alumni forward/defenceman Brody Malek at the Volunteer Night. Malek is back in the Battlefords working with Kramer Auctions. He agreed to be a guest on an up-coming Sports Fix, and I know he reads this blog regularly.

Brody, let's find a time to chat this week. I'm sure all of us would love to hear some stories from your season down south in Columbus, GA.


Before the Volunteer Night, I golfed at Jackfish Lodge with big-time North Star's fan and supporter Kyle Kellgren. Star's forward Brett Miller joined us for on the course as well and is incredibly optimistic about next season and his subsequent return.

In an earlier post this month I mentioned that Brett Miller's return from injury was one of the top-five burning questions surrounding this team heading into 2011-2012. A healthy Brett Miller could do some great things as a 20-year-old in the SJHL, and here's hoping he doesn't encounter any set-backs along the way. Lord knows he deserves a shot at repeated success after last year's struggles.


Still no word on what's coming back to the Stars from the Vernon Vipers. When I know, you will too.

Ken Pearson also told me that yet another scholarship will be announced shortly.


One thing was made abundantly clear by Brett Miller, and I'm sure his thoughts are echoed by his teammates: Nobody in the SJHL is going to be a push-over for the 2012 Royal Bank Cup hosts from Humboldt. History has certainly shown that Royal Bank Cup hosting teams don't always qualify through the front-door. Don't get me wrong, I'm expecting Humboldt to be awfully competitive and one of the league's top teams. But Dean Brockman will be the first to tell you that championships don't just happen.


I want to wrap up this entry with some information regarding an upcoming event in North Battleford called Relay For Life. Some of you are well aware of the fact that my Mom Nikki passed away in July of 2010 after a short but brave battle with stomach cancer. On June 10 several of my teammates and I will be participating in the Canadian Cancer Society's Relay for Life 2011 in North Battleford from 7 pm - 7 am Saturday June 11.

The purpose of Relay For Life is to raise money and awareness for cancer. All of have been affected by cancer to some degree either directly or indirectly, and I will be honoring my Mom by battling cancer head-on. One thing that is abundantly clear is that Cancer Never Sleeps.

My personal Relay For Life Profile can be found here:

Dan's Relay For Life Profile.

If you have a moment or two, please have a quick look at my profile and read more information about Relay for Life and my team's involvement in the cause. Our goal is to raise $7500 before June 10th. So far I've managed to raise over $1000, and if our team can reach our goal - The male members of our team will be showing up to Relay For Life with mohawks. Please consider a donation to this terrific cause.

On that note, I once again want to recognize my fellow colleagues: Craig Stein, Josh Lewis, Daniel Fink and also Ken Oak for their donations. Really guys, it means more to me than you know.

Have a great Tuesday.

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