Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Long Time Coming.

Good evening Cougars fans, and welcome to what I hope will be the first of many personal blog entries this season.

Truth be told I have hummed and hawed for quite some time about the future of this blog. I've had it going for four full seasons now, and given the increasing popularity of Twitter and how easy it is to voice one's opinion using that device - I debated whether or not to keep the blog going for 2012-2013. I've decided to keep it going, but with a few new wrinkles.

Last season I posted 72 game previews, and 72 game recaps on this blog that were identical to the ones that were posted onto the Prince George Cougars website which I am largely responsible for. That will not be the case this season. I don't want this blog to be redundant.

My goal is to use this blog for more 'feature' type things. I want my readers to come here to enhance their fandom with more interactive tactics. My goal this season is to post more audio, and to make it more fun, both for myself and for the reader.

My Dad actually gave me the idea to post a weekly column on the blog describing the 'Week That Was.' I love this idea, and it is something that I am really going to work hard to accomplish.

With Prince George Cougars Training Camp just under three days away, you are going to find a lot more Cougars content on this site in the upcoming days. It is my intention to live-blog as much of Training Camp as possible in order to provide fans and parents with the information that they covet.

Leading up to camp I will also discuss some of the 'Burning Questions' that surround the 2012-2013 Prince George Cougars, and provide some insight into what will hopefully be a very exciting and rewarding season for the Prince George Cougars organization and their fan-base.

My first 2012-2013 personal piece will be posted shortly. Thank you for your continued support and readership,

Dan O'Connor
(The Voice of the Cougars)

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