Saturday, August 25, 2012

Team CHARA vs. Team HAMHUIS (Second Half.)

- The intensity appears to have increased early on in the second half. The first great chance came off the stick of Shane Collins, who dinged one off the goalpost for Team Chara. Still 3-2 early on.

- Hamhuis comes close at the other end as Zach Paxman fires wide on a nice centering feed.

- Mitchell Traichevich and Joshua Shank are now in goal for their respective teams. Traichevich for Hamhuis, and Shank for Chara.

- Carson Bolduc showing some strong hands yet again as he stick handles through more guys. Joshua Shank robs him to keep the game at 3-2.

- Still awaiting our first goal of the second half. Credit the goaltenders for making saves, and the defense for keeping play largely to the outside.

- Brad Morrison with a tremendous pass in front to Matt Jones, but there is Joshua Shank to keep the game 3-2. Less than 13 minutes remaining in this one.

- Jansen Harkins busts through two defenceman but is denied point blank by Mitchell Traichevich. We're still at 3-2.

- Carson Bolduc converts top shelf after he dangles his way through more defenders. So far it's easily the top goal of Training Camp. 4-2 Hamhuis.

- Back comes Chara as Jansen Harkins makes no mistake in front of the net. Less than three minutes to go.

- Net empty for Chara.

- Game Over.

My personal Three (Four) Stars:

1) Carson Bolduc
2) Brad Morrison
3) Jordan Harris/Jansen Harkins

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