Monday, March 7, 2011

Some Monday Food For Thought.

Good evening.

The Co-Op Leisure Time Sports Fix runs tonight at 8:00 on CJNB/CJNS. It was an all-SJHL show tonight with Daniel Fink (La Ronge), Gino De Paoli (Melfort, Humboldt, Nipawin) and Brenden Ullrich (Kindersley). All three did a tremendous job at shedding some insight into the on-going SJHL playoffs, and I think it's definitely worth having a listen.

All three of my guests write blogs for the SJHL, and you can find them to the right of the screen on my blog-roll.


I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't a tad jealous of my colleagues who continue to call SJHL hockey while I look for other endeavors, but such is life and in the end there can only be one league champion and two teams that go to the league-final. I know I'll get my chance sooner than later.


One thing that is undeniable about the playoffs so far is the bad-blood that has taken place both on and off the ice. In this one particular instance, I'm glad I'm not involved in the playoffs directly, because frankly I'm disappointed with how things have allegedly unfolded so far.

I can't speak for the Yorkton/Estevan series, but so far the Flin Flon/La Ronge, Humboldt/Melfort and Kindersley/Weyburn series' have one thing in common - Alleged off-ice incidents that are taking a lot of the lustre out of the hockey being played.

Frankly it concerns me that more people seem to be paying attention to the fan-altercations and stick-swinging, rather than the hockey itself.

If the players continue taking liberties on each other on the ice, it seems to propel the same off the ice with fans. Whether it's fans vs. fans or fans vs. players or fans vs. coaches, clearly there is a lingering issue.

I'm all for fans paying their money, and cheering, yelling and booing til their heart's content. Heck, that's what being a fan is all about. It's about feeling like you are a part of something bigger than yourself. But bullying fellow fans, and bullying the players and coaching staff needs to stop. It's not just an SJHL thing, it's an everywhere thing. Since when did Junior Hockey in Canada become Soccer in Europe?

Yes, I understand that Mr. X wants his team to win, and Mr. Y wants his team to win. But should it really get to the point where people are getting physically and mentally hurt? That's not what sport is about.

Don't get me wrong, I bleed for the Vancouver Canucks, and several other teams out there. But I don't feel the need to verbally and physically assault every Calgary Flames fan I see. I respect their opinion, and they hopefully respect mine. It seems like it's no longer possible for two fans to get together, cheer for their respective teams and then have a beer or two afterwards and reflect fondly on the game.

I know this is coming from somebody not directly involved in any of these series. But let the players and coaches worry about the rivalry. As a fan your job is to be loud, be loyal and be ready to applaud the efforts of your team no matter what.

Be good to each other before somebody gets REALLY hurt.

Enjoy the show tonight,



Brad M. said...

Thank you sir for another a yet another inspiring post.

Also wanted to mention I caught your show for the first time tonight. Great work. North Battleford is lucky to have you.

Dan O'Connor said...


Thank you for your kind words. Compliments from colleagues always hit home a little more. I will definitely be tuning into the game tomorrow night, and I hope you get treated to a great hockey game, win or lose.

Thanks again for reading and listening, and hopefully our paths cross soon.



Anonymous said...

Dan, Your work is great... keep up to good work..