Friday, August 23, 2013

Scrimmage #1 - CHARA vs. BYFUGLIEN - Period 2.

- 1-0 for CHARA as we head into the second period, which is only going to be 25 minutes. So far the studs of this game have been: Tavin Grant (goalie, CHARA), Mike Regush (forward, CHARA), Jansen Harkins (forward, BYFUGLIEN) and Kody McDonald (forward, BYFUGLIEN).

- Make that 2-0 for CHARA as Mike Regush made a great move by the defenseman to get a shot on goal. The original shot was stopped, but Ethan Waitzner pounced on the rebound and buried it to give his team the two-goal lead. Regush has done a lot of good things in this game so far.

- Tremendous hustle by Jansen Harkins to win a race for a loose puck against a defender who was well ahead of him. He got by him, then made his way past the poke-checking goaltender Jackson Granrude and potted the first goal of the game for Team BYFUGLIEN.

- Game over. Not enough time left for BYFUGLIEN to mount a further comeback.

Three Stars for the First Scrimmage.

1) Mike Regush
2) Jansen Harkins
3) Tavin Grant

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