Saturday, August 24, 2013

Scrimmage #3 - Team BYFUGLIEN vs. Team DRAZENOVIC - Period One.

- Team BYFUGLIEN in Blue, Team DRAZENOVIC in Black. This is the first game for DRAZENOVIC at camp. Notable DRAZENOVIC players include: Brad Morrison, Tate Olson, Kolby Johnson, Matt Kustra, and Shane Collins.

- Blaze Bezecki makes it 1-0 for DRAZENOVIC off a nice pass from Josh Curtis.

- The first standout for me so far is Brad Morrison of Team DRAZENOVIC. Every shift he has shown some excellent vision, terrific speed, and is making his teammates around him better. Morrison could score a lot of goals in this league, and what's equally impressive is that he wants to set up his teammates as well.

- So far, so good for Matt Kustra in goal for DRAZENOVIC. He made a terrific save from point-blank range off of Joseph Nardi to keep the score at 1-0 for his team.

- Jake Schnack forces a steal along the right wing wall and then roofs one over the shoulder of Matt Kustra to make it a 1-1 game. Good pace and physicality to this one so far. Three minutes left in the first.

- First period comes to end. 1-1 tie. We've had some low scoring games so far this weekend.

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