Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stars Drop Another Squeaker to Ice Wolves.

Ignoring the Stanley Mission debacle, every other matchup this season between the Battlefords North Stars and La Ronge Ice Wolves has been a 'one goal game'

Last night, the La Ronge Ice Wolves notched two powerplay goals and edged the Stars 2-1. The Wolves went two-for-eight on the powerplay while the Stars went one of six.

Obviously I wasn't there due to my Phoenix trip, but I saw that there were 1005 fans at the game? Would anybody like to share a little more as to what kind of a game it was? How was the goaltending on both sides?


Tonight the Stars are off to Waldeim for a neutral site affair with the Notre Dame Hounds. The Stars are 1-2 on the year against N.D.


So far so good for me in Phoenix. Two nights ago I went to see the Toronto Maple Leafs and Phoenix Coyotes play. The Coyotes won 5-1, but the game was closer than you think. It was 1-0 for the home team heading into the third period and then Phoenix took over after that.

Last night I went to downtown Phoenix and caught the Phoenix Suns and Portland Trailblazers. The Suns won by four points.

Tonight we're going to watch the Coyotes play the Anaheim Ducks, and then Monday afternoon the Sharks are in town and we're heading to that game too. The NHL situation in Phoenix is certainly in some peril. The Leafs/Yotes game had plenty of empty seats. I felt bad for the players.

Right now I'm off to the golf-course for another round. Yesterday didn't go so well on the course, so today I'm bound and determined to score better.

Best of luck to the Stars tonight in Waldeim, and I'll keep you posted as time goes by. Hope everybody has a great weekend!

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Saskgolf said...

Awesome game, the boys played there hearts out and deserved a better fate just were not getting the breaks. Hildy played awesome had a great game since he hadnt played in a month. The First goal was a 3-1 and the second one he made the initial save but they got the rebound. Our defense looks good played really smart tonight. Our forwards were dynamic but just could not finish tonight and maybe tried to be perfect instead of just shoot the puck. I only have one bad comment about last night, i am a huge Pearson and Atch fan BUT there was 16 min left in the game we were down only 2-1 and Atch or Ken were yelling at the ref which costed us a bench minor. that is my only negative comment about the game. Cole Gibson looked great and will get better when he knows his linemates, and Johnson has a ton i mean a ton of skill and dangled around alot of guys just some bad puck luck. Is that good Dano sorry it was long.

Anonymous said...

Dano: you missed the best game of the year buddy... The stars defence played the best they've played all year.. The crowd was loud the game was back and forth and the stars hit 2 goal posts... The top line in all of Junior A hockey was really non existant in even strength... Hildy played lights out... Hell of a game. Gibson is good and Jonsons hands, wow.. thats all i am gonna say.. Once these guys get a few games under there belt, i'd be scared if I was a team that was playing the stars in the first round... If the stars play that good of defence the rest of the year then LOOOK OUT.. PS.. The reason the coaching staff was mad was because there was an offside call that was offside about 2 feet and it nearly cost the stars a goal..

Anonymous said...

Did you break a hundred?

Anonymous said...

The boys played great. Hildy was great (especially not playing for a whole month) and the defense I thought played one of there best games of the year.So good to see we have two great goalies as Birch has been playing great as well. La ronge is the first place team and we were neck and neck with them two games in a row. Nothing but positives.

Saskgolf said...

Anonymous i wasnt saying that the coaches werent justified in getting mad cause they dont do that without a good reason. My only thing is say your peace but they have to let it go cause they are marked Coaches in this league as they do get really mad and voice there opionion. I am just looking at the time of the game and if they would have made it 3-1 then it was over. Just do not want that happening in the playoffs thats all.

Anonymous said...

Hilde kept them in the game all night. Laronge is a very gifted team for sure. Star coaches need to be more focused stop being cry babies cause one of the comments here is right. Ken and Blair have cried the blues once to often and I see it refs are saying shut your mouth or it is another bench minor your a marked. Blair at one point pulled out his cell phone and was video taping something when he got assesst the penalty, to funny.
But a great game Laronge are not in first overall in the division and league for no other reason then that they are very poised positionally a strong team and a coaching staff who really work with the players. If you watched the bench the coaches were constantly taking opportunities to teach and motivate while our coaches stand and watch the game not even a piece a paper in hand. Just the odd comment here and there. But Ken and Blair for coaches of the year folks!

Anonymous said...

I saw numerous times Ken and Blair went to a few players and showed them a few things... I even saw Ken pull out his board and drew something on the board and showed a few players it. Ken and Blair are great coaches. The stars gave Laronge a run for there money. I really didnt think Laronge looked that much better than the stars. They've got one powerful line and if there contained they can be beat. We saw that on 5 on 5 the stars had a tenacious forecheck and because of it, it drew a couple penalty's because Laronge couldnt stop the stars forecheck. I sure hope Tabin is ready pretty soon, we need another defenceman in case one of the guys gets injured. Knowing Ken he will have something up his sleeve.. Also the stars beat ND 3-2 on the road, Melfort beat ND 3-2 at home. So I really dont think we're that far off.