Friday, January 7, 2011

Stars Odds and Ends.

Three quick North Star notes for you in the wake of a major trade between Yorkton and Humboldt:

1) Brody Luhning is on his way back to the Stars. Luhning has left the Calgary Hitmen and could very well be in the lineup tonight for the North Stars. Great news in my opinion.

2) A deal that the Stars had in place with Bonnyville is dead. The Stars were close to acquiring a 20-year-old defenceman. The deal fell through. This friends is why I don't report things on the blog until I know for certain that they are official.

3) Still no word yet fwhether Dane Muench is coming back or not. My guess is he is taking a few days to contemplate his immediate playing future.

I will have a Melville-Stars feature posted later this afternoon.

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