Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Due to a gap in my North Star's broadcasting schedule, I am taking the next week off.

My Dad and I will be heading to Phoenix together for some golf, some NHL hockey, and some fun in the sun. I will still be keeping on top of things from the States, but updates for the next week won't be nearly as detailed.

I wish nothing but the best for the Stars on Friday (La Ronge), Saturday (Notre Dame) and Tuesday (Nipawin).

I'll be back in time for Thursday's broadcast against Estevan.

Take care, and stay warm.



Anonymous said...

have a great time and a beer for me

Anonymous said...

Well deserved holiday Dan have fun and enjoy your dad's company. As a family you have been through a lot last year.

Anonymous said...

So here's a topic we can talk amoungst ourselves with while Dan is away. Reffing. Are the refs this bad in the whole SJHL or is it only when the Battlefords are playing? Either the standards are very low in Saskatchewan Ref schools or the Chief Ref (who I hear is actually from the Battlefords) got cut by the Stars when he was 18 and is carrying a grudge. Seriously; I'm just looking for an explanation here, I didn't realize just how brutal it was!!