Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Road-Trip Chronicles (Part Five).

It's going to be a long night. No, it has nothing to do with the 6-5 O.T. loss, or the post-game meal. But it has EVERYTHING to do with the *Munson who left the window of our hotel-room open, which is now stuck in place at 12:59 AM. Guess who got the bed closest to the window? Good guess. Dale had nothing to do with it. The window was already open before we got in apparently and was stuck then and is terribly stuck now.

Life on the road is not always glamorous.

10:00 - We leave the rink after a disheartening 6-5 O.T. loss. The bus is quiet. There is basically a whisper policy in place on the bus after a loss. Anybody who dares to talk or laugh loudly is tempting fate in a big way.

10:10 - Post-game meal is at Boston Pizza. The boys get lasagna and Garlic Toast. Fortunately the coaches and I got Chicken Caesar Salads.

10:50 - The bus heads back to the hotel (directly across the street) while my roommate Dale and I decide to stick around for a cold one. Together we watch NHL highlights, reflect on the game and we debate possible playoff scenarios.

12:00 - I arrive to our frozen hotel-room and I lament about the cold temperature in our room. Time for some more Sports Center and then it's time for bed. Wake up is scheduled for 9:00 with breakfast shortly to follow. Here's hoping I can get to sleep!

Day two of the Road-Trip Chronicles will be posted tomorrow in spurts. Until then, goodnight, and thanks for tuning in and reading today. This blog is for you, and I hope that you enjoy stopping by.


Anonymous said...

great game last night, not sure where the goaltenders were last night, they definatley didnt show up!

Anonymous said...

SOunds like a heck of a hockey game. Good come back for the stars..

Anonymous said...

Dan, Wow... What a beauty... Your blog might be the best Junior A blog in western canada... Keep it going Dan.. Really enjoy it..

Anonymous said...

So what players were just along for the ride last night as per Ken's post game interview? Sounded like a good game.

Anonymous said...

It was a good game...for the Grondin line. Time for Tatchell to get going. He's supposed to be our go to guy.

Anonymous said...

Goal tending was not the issue last night.Anonymous 1 did you listen to the game Hello.Birchy played a solid game and the grondin line were bang on but nobody else showed up.Where was birchys help yorkton scored two short handed goals there is no excuse for that.The rest of the boys better wake up or there season will be over soon .