Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Road-Trip Chronicles (Part Three).

2:30 - We arrive at the Howard Johnson hotel in Yorkton. Dale and I quickly take our gear to the room, then we proceed to the restaurant for pre-game. Today it's Chicken with Alfredo pasta served buffet style with salad and garlic-toast. The boys load up their plates with food while I do my best to put more chicken on my plate than pasta! No easy task. I am already resigned to the fact that I'll be in for a lengthy workout tomorrow morning.

2:50 - It's back to the room for some R and R before the game. One thing that I've grown accustom to over the past four years is LOTS of daytime TV. King of Queens, CSI and that Repo Show on Spike are the three most common. Dale generally mans the remote which is fine. I am generally reading my book or fast asleep.

3:10 - Dale agrees to be my intermission interview for tomorrow night's game in Melville. Once per season, Dale will be my intermission guest. I always look forward to these chats because I love Dale's passion, and I know that everybody will be paying close attention! His phone never stops buzzing after games when he does an interview!

3:30 - After some TV and reading, I get showered and ready. Tonight it's purple shirt, purple and black time with my black striped suit. If the Stars win, chances are I may wear the same tie tomorrow. Everything goes well with White.

4:00 - Just checked out the comments on the blog so far. I laugh at the fact that Craig Stein's wardrobe is getting picked apart. I'll be sure to (jokingly) bring it up with him later.

I get asked all the time why I wear suits to games. My answer is: "If the players and coaching staff have to suit-up for games, then so do I." I may not be an official member of the organization, but I feel it's important to dress the part when I'm out representing the team and Rawlco Radio in public. I don't wear this type of swag to work every morning, but I probably should 'up' my work wardrobe to some extent.

Gotta love those moments of self-analysis and reflection.

I'll try to post another piece before puck drop.


Anonymous said...

I went to a Western Hockey League game in September and watched as all the players, coaches and whomever else get off the bus in all black suits, it was pretty impressive. The damn bus was even all black! Makes a team I'll tell you, so dont change it up Dan!

Anonymous said...

Always love seeing you and Matt in the suits, Dan! YOU set the standard and look professional--just so awesome!
Looking forward to your call of the games on this road trip.
Best of luck to you and the boys!

Matt Ryan said...

Thanks anonymous #2...Dan tries to clean up as good as me, but its an uphill battle for him...lol, jk pal...hopefully a couple wins for the boys these next couple of days