Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Road-Trip Chronicles (Part Two)

1:25 PM - A relatively uneventful four hours have passed since I signed off. I am happy to report that I was able to fall asleep and woke up just in time for our pit-stop in Wynyard (sp?). These pit-stops usually last 10-16 minutes and they allow time for bathroom, coffee and snacks. I treat myself to some caramel popcorn (the small bag) and I watch with envy as these 17-20 year olds hop back on board with all sorts of delicious goodies. My metabolism is a lot slower than it once was. While inside the store, Blair Atcheynum continued to hound me about the 'lack of coffee' this morning. Something tells me I won't be living this down today.

1:29 - The once sleeping group of hockey players are now awake and restless. There is no movie on right now, so select members of the team are (jokingly) pestering Dale. This type of behavior is common-place on the road, and has been for the duration of my stay in the Battlefords. I share a room with Dale on the road. The stories I could share.... Haha.

For any aspiring sportscasters out there, below is my list Road-Trip Checklist called "road-Trip Must Haves."

(Shower Kit)

- Toothpaste
- Toothbrush
- Shaving cream, razor, aftershave.
- deodorant, cologne and hair-gel
- Phone charger.

*I generally settle for hotel soap and shampoo on the road.


- One suit-jacket
- one set of suit-pants.
- one belt.
- Two dress shirts (three if it's a three game trip). This particular trip I'll be wearing white and light purple.
- Two ties to match the above-mentioned shirts.
- Black dress shoes.

The contents of my suitcase should be self explanatory. I'll spare you the details of underwear and socks.

(For the Bus)

- Comfy pillow.
- Good book. (I'm a self-proclaimed book worm, and can often crush a mid-sized novel in one road-trip. This trip I am re-reading a book by Tucker Max. I'll spare you the title, but it's initials are: AFF)
- Two DVD's. (Goodfellas and Dazed and Confused).

This year for whatever reason, the responsibility has been bestowed upon me to bring DVD's on the road. When the team wins, we always watch a movie on the way home. I've always made sure to bring a movie or two just in case. This year I seem to be the only one who does this consistently. Either that or the others just don't like offering their flicks. Fine by me! At least we get to watch what I like. Blair Atcheynum typically chooses the movie when we win. Something tells me he'll ignore my choices due to the coffee mishap! Haha. I'd like to think I have a pretty good track-record of picking movies. The coach liked The Town and The Departed, but I still get razzed for suggesting The Comebacks last year. Hey, even A-Rod strikes out sometimes.

1:49 - I am still waiting for a text reply from Yorkton/Melville play-by-play man Craig Stein. I asked him about Yorkton weather and if it was 'as cold there as it is in N.B.' So far, no response. I fear the worst.

1:51 - Craig replies, "Uh, YAH." I do not like his answer. I am excited for tonight's game though. Craig has offered his 'color-commentary' services! Any broadcaster will tell you that finding 'color' on the road can sometimes be a battle. I have always lived by the motto of, "If I'm not calling the same game, I will always do color for the visiting broadcasters." The way I see it, it's all practice. Plus it's a great way to educate yourself on the opposition.

1:56 - I'm told that we are less then an hour away. I'm going to take this time to study my notes and stats ahead of tonight's game. When I write previews for the blog, it is not only for the benefit of the reader, but also for me. I think it's important to know and respect both teams participating.

More later.


Anonymous said...

I must admit your definately one of the "classy" media guys in the league. If Steiner is on with you I sure hope he dresses for the occassion, you always outdress him when you come to town! Sorry to say there wont be any "movie" tonight though! Terriers Win!

Craig Stein said...

Can't say I'll be pulling out the one suit I own to do colour, sorry! My attire will surpass my pre-season wardrobe however!

Anonymous said...

Its scary when Oconnor comes to town the way he dresses! Makes us all look bad. Im sure you will look fine tonight Craig!

Craig Stein said...

Anyone remember former Melfort/Humboldt/Nipawin PBP man Kenny Trenton and his white suits with matching hats?

Just texted that beauty today actually... now the voice of the nationally-ranked Fort McMurray Oil Barons.