Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Road-Trip Chronicles (Part Four).

5:15 - The bus arrives at Farrell Agencies Arena.

5:19: I walk into the broadcast booth where Yorkton Coach Trent Cassan is setting up his team's video equipment. We chat while I set up my gear, and then against normal routine I conduct my pre-game interview with him. We had a solid five-minute chat and covered a lot of ground in that amount of time.

*Normally the opposing team's coach is the last one I interview, but tonight he was ready and so was I. Some broadcasters are a firm believer in running an interview with both coaches before the game. I personally don't do that because frankly there isn't enough time in my pre-game show to give the coaches justice. That's why I almost always run an interview with Ken Pearson during pre-game, and then the opposing coach later on in the broadcast.

5:52 - Pre-Game work is 'almost' done. Tonight I have spoken with Trent Cassan, Tanner Schwab, Braedon Johnson and Ken Pearson. I always make sure I record more content than I think I need, because in the event of an injury or prolonged stoppage, I want to have something ready. I'm not as worried tonight because I know I'll have a color-man.

The only remaining obstacle is getting the updated rosters for tonight's game. It varies from rink to rink, but more often than not the rosters are ready at 6:30 or so. By this point of the season, I can recite the Star's roster completely including their age, numbers and hometowns. With Yorkton I am almost there with names and numbers. The roster is good to have as a safety net more than anything.

6:10 - Blair Atcheynum (who is STILL giving me the gears) and I debate the outcome of some NHL games tonight. I bet $3 on a Sports Select available in the arena lobby. Hgere's hoping that Washington, Philly, and Vancouver win and Pittsburgh and the New York Rangers go to a shootout.

6:26 - I fill out my game-sheet with important team stats. I must have the team's record, goaltender stats and special-team stats at my beckon call. All of the info I need is now right in front of me.

The closer we get to game time the more my heart starts to race. I can honestly say that I am just as excited today as I was four and a half years ago before calling my first ever game. I live for this. Here's hoping you enjoy the action on the radio tonight.


MLHoffman said...

I have really enjoyed reading this Dan. You do a great job.

Josh Lewis said...

Dan, great work. Very inspiring stuff. I'd be hard-pressed to name a media guy in the league who's more dedicated to his craft.