Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cougars Young Guns Rosters Announced.

The Prince George Cougars started Training Camp with 77 bodies. They have now cut that number down to 58. The younger players who survived the first-round of cuts will display their skills in tonight's YOUNG STARS game from C.N. Center. The game starts at 7:00 and admission is free.

Here are the rosters for tonight's game:


BLACK – Team Tyrell

30 Devon Fordyce
35 Ty Edmonds

2 Raymond Grewal
3 Marc McNulty
4 Nicholas Schneider
5 Jordan Harris
6 Shane Kumar
8 Joseph Carvalho
9 Francis Bamford
10 Patrick D’amico
11 Tyler Busch
12 Thomas Webster
14 Duncan Campbell
15 Nick Anderson
16 Alex Forsberg
17 Logan Styler
18 John Odgers
20 Jarrett Fontaine
21 Matthew Woodley
22 Jordan Tkatch

WHITE – Team Brewer

30 Tyler Santos
35 Brett Zarowny

2 Linden Springer
3 Sam Ruopp
4 Jeff Harrison
5 Dane Phaneuf
6 Colten Laroque
8 Michael Mylchreest

9 Mattia Bortolotto
10 Ben Sowa
11 Mitchell Lipon
12 Anthony Conti
14 Jake Mykitiuk
15 Hayden Dawes
16 Evan Cox
17 Henry Hardarson
18 Chase Witala
20 Carson Bolduc
21 Braydon Delorme
22 Wyatt Noskey


Most likely there will be some more kids heading home after tonight's game. Those younger players sticking around will likely get their chance to play in tomorrow night's Black and White game.

What do you think of the rosters?


Kevin said...

Can you tell me what happened to Vlach and Dano. Are they having problems getting into the country?

Dan O'Connor said...

Vlach signed to play pro in Europe, and Dano is still overseas too. Dano is probably in 'next year' category given his age.