Saturday, August 27, 2011

Team Setoguchi Bounces Back With a 6-3 Win.

A nice piece of redemption for Team Setoguchi at Prince George Cougars Training Camp. Team Setoguchi defeated Team Chara 6-3. Anthony Conti led the way with two goals, and defensively they managed to hold Alex Forsberg in check.

Forsberg did respond with a goal for Team Chara, but it was a far cry from his six-point outing earlier this morning. Forsberg did set up some nice plays, but there was no finish.

Chase Witala was another stand-out player for Team Setoguchi. He skated very well, made some nice plays and was a step ahead of almost everybody on the ice.

Team Setoguchi Goals: Anthony Conti (2) Shane Kumar, Jake Mykitiuk, Mitchell Lipon and Jordan Tkatch.

Team Chara Goals: Alex Forsberg, Joseph Carvalho and Jarrett Fontaine.

The Vets are up next.

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