Sunday, August 28, 2011

Team Setoguchi 7 - Team Chara 5

Team Setoguchi took the rubber-match of their three-game series with Team Chara.

Team Setoguchi was led by Liam Blackburn who tallied a goal and two assists. Once again Chase Witala showed some strong poise with the puck, and defensively Shane Kumar chipped in with a goal and a helper.

On the other side, Alex Forsberg contributed a goal and an assist and Matthew Woodley scored the first penalty-shot goal of the weekend.

Here is a list of goal scorers for each squad:

Setoguchi: Schnieder, Kumar, Cox, Blackburn, Witala, Tkatch, Noskey

Chara: Campbell, Forsberg, Styler, Fontaine, Woodley

It's also worth mentioning that the Hit of the Weekend took place in this game. Shane Kumar planted Tyson Glass open-ice.

Now the tough part. The 95's and 96's will be cut-down and placed into teams for tonight's YOUNG STARS game at C.N. Center. Fans are encouraged to attend tonight's game which starts at 7:00. It's free.

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