Friday, August 26, 2011

More Training Camp Banter: Day 1

Team Hamhuis is on the ice right now.

I'm simply going to list some of my observations below:

- First thing I notice about Martin Marincin is his poise. That and he's got a quick release on his shot. I always like defencemen who can wrist a puck as well as clap one. Defensively he's sound as well. You can tell that some of the younger players are overwhelmed when they're matched up against him. Marincin will be an exciting player to watch this season provided he's not playing in Edmonton or Oklahoma.

-Spencer Asuchak sticks out for his obvious size and strength. A good nose for the net, and as a 20-year-old he'll need to bring it offensively. I suspect he's up for the challenge.

- Drew Owsley may lack size, but he certainly lives up to his billing as a "Goalie that doesn't quit." Early on i think it's safe to say that he's going to be a HUGE X-Factor this team.

- I like what I've seen from 17-year-old defencemen Linden Springer and Josh Smith. Both have looked strong in one-on-ones; Smith especially.

The scrimmaging begins tomorrow. I'm sure the players are excited to strut their stuff in a game-type situation. I'll be blogging a ton tomorrow, so make sure you stop by perodically throughout the day.

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