Thursday, January 12, 2012

Some Brief Food For Thought.

A couple of things jumped out at me this morning while I was looking through the Prince George Cougars schedule:

1) Of the 31 games remaining for the Cougars, 18 will be played at home. I know that the Cougars home record has been disappointing this season, but you could certainly argue the fact that playing at home certainly gives the Cougars more comfort and puts them in a more favorable position to succeed.

2) Of the 31 games remaining for the Cougars, 17 will be played against teams with a .500 record or lower. Over half of the Cougars remaining games will come against opponents that are relatively close to them in the standings record-wise.

3) The Prince George Cougars have six games remaining against the Victoria Royals. It is entirely concievable that whoever wins the six-game series between Victoria and Prince George will wind up in the top eight of the Western Conference playoff picture.

4) I know that the Cougars are 0-5-0-0 in their last five games, but all five games have been played against either Vancouver or Kamloops who haven't lost much of anything as of late to anybody else. This doesn't give the Prince George Cougars a free pass, but it certainly should shed a little perspective into the recent struggles.

The Cougars host the Lethbridge Hurricanes tomorrow night at CN Centre with a 7:00 puck drop. I can't wait.

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