Monday, January 30, 2012

Victoria. Wow.

The View from from my hotel room in Victoria.

I tweeted earlier today that I had found my new favorite travel spot in the Western Hockey League. Victoria, you have officially outdone yourself!

The Prince George Cougars hopped aboard the 7:00 AM ferry that departed beautiful, sunny (cough. My hometown) Tsawwassen and arrived in Victoria shortly after 8:30. After an intense practice the team checked into the beautiful Inn at Laurent Point in downtown Victoria.

From there, the team was left to their own devices to go and explore B.C.'s capital. For many members of the Cougars, it was the first time they had seen/visited Victoria while others haven't visited for many years.

Growing up in Tsawwassen, and having a Dad who worked Human Resources for BC Ferries, I admit that I was privy to many Victoria visits over the years. But even several past visits did not prepare me for what I encountered today on dare I say a 'perfect' winter afternoon without snow or rain.

The city was alive and vibrant on a Monday afternoon. Tourists were out taking photos, while many locals were enjoying their favorite deli or coffee shop along Government road.

The downtown core of Victoria has something for everybody! They have whale watching tours, shopping, nightlife and even a miniature museum that I am extremely tempted to visit tomorrow.

Downtown also boasts one of Canada's nicest buildings:

After a lengthy walk, a delicious sandwich at Sam's Deli, and a couple of shops later, I am convinced that Victoria has been my favorite scenic travel spot so far.

Don't get me wrong. Nothing will top the company of Saskatchewan or Vancouver. But I've gotta say: Victoria, it's been way too long.

Here's to some exciting hockey this week between the Victoria Royals and the Prince George Cougars.

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