Monday, November 8, 2010

Post-Weekend Thoughts.

All of a sudden the Battlefords North Stars are a confident hockey team. After a tough mid-week loss in Kindersley, the Stars bounced back this weekend with two victories against teams within their division. Saturday's 7-1 victory over Nipawin pushed the Stars back into fifth, and yesterday's win over Melfort gave the Stars some (temporary) breathing room. There are lots of things to discuss after this weekend, so let's get to it.

- It appears as though the North Star forwards are starting to gel. The chemistry between Blake Tatchell, Keith Grondin and Colin Phaneuf is obvious, but what about the trio of Tanner Schwab, Travis Cech and Samuel Fortier? Schwab's speed combined with the grit of Cech and the vision of Fortier makes for an exciting line. I know it was only one game, but I feel that those three have some real potential. Tanner Schwab played some of his best hockey this weekend and was rewarded for it.

Ken Pearson hit it right on the head post-game when he said, "It was tough finding enough ice for all of the guys tonight." Kind of a nice problem for the coaching staff to have!

- Defensively the Stars were so much better this weekend. While still not perfect, the coverage in front of their own net was exponentially better than in weeks past, and you can tell that the goaltenders are grateful for it.

- We are heading into game 19 of the season for the Stars and three goaltenders are still lobbying for playing time. I know that fans are confused by this, and would rather see two goaltenders instead of three - But I see nothing wrong with keeping three goalies around for competition's sake. At least until December 1st.

- The more I watch Travis Cech the more he reminds of me of former North Star's forward Josh Clare (08-09). Cech may be a little more skilled with the puck, but the two play the exact style of game. Clare was voted the most exciting player that year according to the fans, and I think. Cech could accomplish the same. Cech had a Gordie Howe hat-trick yesterday against Melfort.

- Here's hoping that Star's defenceman Brody Luhning receives
consideration for SJHL Defenceman of the Week. Luhning tallied six points in three games this week and continues to get better. Luhning's first goal on Saturday night was the prettiest goal of the year so far.


Tomorrow night the Battlefords North Stars may very well be playing their final game EVER at the Estevan Civic Auditorium. It's an extremely difficult place to win in. How tough? The Stars have won once in Estevan. in the past four seasons. Tomorrow's game is made more difficult with the fact that the Estevan Bruins are playing strong hockey at the moment.The Bruins beat the Broncos 9-4 at home this weekend. That being said, if the Stars can duplicate their efforts from the weekend they have a great chance to win.

I'll post a Stars-Bruins preview later this evening.

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