Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Stars Squander One in Kindersley.

Once again the Battlefords North Stars found out the hardway that it takes 60 full minutes to win on most nights. They led 5-2 with 15 minutes to go but ended losing 6-5 to the Kindersley Klippers. The Klippers scored four goals in the span of 8:10 to regain their lead.

After a quiet two periods, Braedon Adamyk notched the tying and winning goals. Taylor Duzan and D Jay McGrath also added two for Kindersley.

In the end the Stars couldn't find an answer defensively.During the post-game show Ken Pearson called out the trio of Tatchell, Grondin and Phaneuf saying that they needed to be more accounable at both ends of the ice.They did contribute three goals, but were also on the ice for three of Kindersley's four third period goals.

Blake Tatchell and Brody Luhning scored twice while Keith Grondin scored in his fourth straight game for the Stars.

Lost in the madness of the game was the strong play of goaltender Graham Hildebrand. He faced 50 shots; many of which were tough shots. He faced 21 shots in the first and appeared destined for first-star honors.

The Stars managed 29 shots at the other end and finished one for three on the man advantage.

Next up for the Stars - The Nipawin Hawks. To call Saturday's game a four-pointer would be a drastic understatement.


Anonymous said...

Ahh plus/minus, interesting statistic we never get to see. would be nice to know overall plus/minus of the players as well as who is getting scored on in the high scoring games because we are giving up the most goals in the league. Any insights dany-o-dano

Dan O'Connor said...

It's unfortunate that the SJHL doesn't keep regular tabs on plus-minus because IMO it is a truly valuable statistic and shows a lot about a player. I'm sure it would help scouts greatly as they pursue players from our league.

I know that it's often the job of the 'healthy scratches' to keep tabs on statistics such as plus/minus.

Moving forward I will certainly do my best to keep tabs of who is on the ice for goals for and against, but during a broadcast it's often difficult to keep tabs of such things with so many other things to be aware of too.

Anybody want to be my spotter?

Anonymous said...

Plus-Minus might be the most overrated stat in all of hockey. It's funny when people rely on it to determine "who is good defensively and who isn't".

It simply doesn't do what people think it does.

Anonymous said...

Dan it's funny because there is a space on the game sheets for the league to display who is on the ice (plus and Minus ) for each goal. Maybe they should use the tools already there. I'd have to agree though, Scoring Chance (+/-) is a much better indicator to a player's worth to the team.

Anonymous said...

Great for the Stars in having to face a sure win against Nipawin. Captain quit and others want out?

Stars123 said...

Nothing is a for sure win in this league. Its a very good league with almost every team being very close to one another. The stars really arent that far off. You look at the last 2 games the stars have played, they've lost both by 1 goal. 2 of our top defencemen were out of the lineup.

Anonymous said...

Two more HAWKS walk. Will there be a team to play on Saturday?